The passive environmental values are taken care of specially, mainly the related ones to the energy consumption. A compact piece sets out, with a low relation between facade surface and constructed volume (better thermal behavior).

The plan is organized inside a rectangle of 14x7m., assembling the humid zones (facilities) and the access next to the East facade, opening some windows that catch energy in the morning (when the construction is cold). The West facade is something protected by existing vegetation, despite considers a significant reduction of the windows to avoid energy gains in the evening. To the north a small patio with vegetation generates an outer domestic scope related to the dormitory. This patio, in addition to functions related to the use of the house (to tend, to be, etc.), it allows to adapt the construction to the topography partially, being buried by this North part.

The house is conceived like a tube that focus the views. With an outer terrace covered that it provides an optimal seasonal behavior (it allows to the passage of light in winter causing a heating by radiation without ventilation, and contributes to shade in summer, maintaining fresh the interior space). A simple structure for the roof with no interior pillars allows a easy inner redistribution. This heavy roofing will allow certain thermal inertia (the most exposed in summer noon), so during the day it transmits to the interior the night-accumulated coolness, and at night maintains the accumulated heat during the day. Systems of natural ventilation crossed the north-south and this west also consider, to reduce the temperature in summer.